Zombie Wars

Zombie Wars


1.0000 Stars


A Zombie gets a hole shot in it's head by a handgun... surprisingly boring and unbeliveable.


Set 50 years after the Zombie uprising, Zombie Wars tries to mix action, drama and meaning into a gory undead flick. Unfortunately it fails in every department. Whether you base your judgment on the weak and uninteresting story, the terrible effects or the sub par acting... it'll always be the same outcome: blah. A Zombie movie where zombies are taking human slaves, making them mate, and work a farmyard, is not enjoyable.

Picture in your mind, one of the worst movies you've seen. Then, add narration similar to Sarah Connor at the end of Terminator 2: Judgment Day... but not interesting, well spoken or relevant to the plot. That's what you get with the story of Zombie Wars, or War of the Living Dead as it's knows in some countries. The story is predictable and flat, with no depth what-so-ever. Yet, a pathetic attempt at a 'touching meaningful' narration walks you through the events.

The two brothers, our protagonists, do a decent job of acting, despite the joke that is their lines. But that's where the acting ability ends. It's almost like you're watching a junior high school play with all the other actors. It's extremely painful to watch, and we found ourselves struggling to get through this flick.

The effects, if you can call them that, consist of what looks like a paper cut out of a head, falling off a neck. Also, the same boring head shot, with a sideways held handgun, over and over... and over again. The zombie attack scenes are all surprisingly boring as well, with a close zoomed shot of a human, and a zombie walking in from off frame. Always the same mind numbing thing. You can tell that a zombie movie is going to be bad when they have (poorly done) zombie make up on their faces, but their arms are 100% fine, just like a human's. How can a face be green with infection but the rest of the body be flesh colored? On top of this, the wardrobe looks like it was bought for 7 bucks at a Halloween store.

We have to say one more thing. The editing is atrocious. Every damn cut from one scene to another consists of a triangle wipe and a 'whoosh' sound effect. It's like something you'd expect out of a home made movie a twelve year old made with Windows Movie Maker. On top of that, the '5.1' sound that is produced from the DVD is simply 1 channel of audio fed through each speaker equally. Our rear speakers are always emitting sound, but it's always the same sound that is coming from our center speaker. We all agreed it was a pretty pathetic attempt at surround sound.

This flick is only for the most die hard zombie fans, and is not reccomended even in that capacity.