World War Z

World War Z


4.0000 Stars


There's tons of action here, so we can't pick just one. At one point a group of walkers gets blown to bits from chopper missiles... that's pretty cool!



Brad Pitt stars in this zombie flick, loosely based on the Max Brooks novel of the same name. It's a great movie, in our opinion, and we'll get to the details in a moment. First, let's look at the book.

Written as a pseudo sequel to his fantastically popular 'The Zombie Survival Guide', Max Brooks documents the story of a roaming writer, visitng dozens of people and hearing their stories of the pre, during, and post experiences of the Zombie war.

This movie is inspired by World War Z, but by no means does it follow the story or any sub-story from the novel. Instead, it take elements from both of Max Brooks' zombie novels, and creates a completely new story.

We follow Gerry Lane, played by a still hunky Brad Pitt, as an undead uprising starts around him. He is then pulled into a global hunt for answers as to why this is happening to the world, and perhaps even a possible cure.

This is a smash of a zombie movie, it really hits it out of the park. There's suspense, action, drama and even some small bits of comedy in this flick. The portrayal of all characters is stellar, with the help of a great supporting cast including Mireille Enos, Matthew Fox and David Morse.

This is a definite reccomendation from our undead pack to yours! If you're looking for a great flick that even non-zombie fans will enjoy, then this is a great choice.