28 Days Later

28 Days Later


4.0600 Stars


An infected blows up on an explosive trip-wire, flies through the air, and lands on another. Double ka-boom!



REC Review

28 Days Later is a unique take on the classic zombie movie. Many people will continuously say, "28 Days Later isn't a zombie movie!". Technically speaking, that may be correct. The 'Zombies' in this flick aren't the walking dead, they're very much alive. However, they have no reasoning at all, and rely on a single goal in all of their existance... Brains? Nope, the only thing they think, feel or act is Rage. They are living people that are infected with 'Rage' and proceed to attack any living person on sight, as well as spreading the infection through their bites & blood. Hence, they can be killed by conventional means. Their hearts still beat, so a stab to the heart would kill these creatures. You can see how close to a zombie movie this flick is, and this author believes it to fall comfortably, if not technically, into the zombie category.

The story begins when a young man awakes from a coma to find that there is no one around. Not a single person, and what makes this movie scary and suspenseful is the atmosphere & ambiance. It's truly unreal to see London, one of the most populated places in the world, completely abandoned. The silence & the stillness observed is truly awesome.

Acting is very well brought out by all the main characters, and despite some of the secondary character's lacklustre performance, the acting in this flick is better than most zombie movies out there. 28 Days Later sends chills up your spine, by showing your the terror and intensity that the people in the story must truly feel.

All in all this film is a must see, not only for zombie fans, but for any fan of a good scary movie. Excellent mood, brilliant acting & some pretty sweet gore make this up to a pretty damn good flick. Great for turning the lights down, grabbing some popcorn, and settling in for some infectious good times.