28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later


3.5000 Stars


A whole pride of infected get chopped to bits by a helicopter blade as it flies through them. Chop-suey!



28 Weeks Later delivers a very enjoyable, thrilling & emotional performance. It's been 28 weeks since the initial infection outbreak, and about 24 weeks since the events of the previous film '28 Days Later'. The USA has led NATO into the infected zone, Great Britain, where the infected have since starved to death. The immediate danger has passed, but... what if the infection returns? Would the 15,000 people relocated back to London soil be safe?

This film delivers on both terror and gore. If you're a fan of either you'll enjoy this flick. There are many grusome scenes to provide you with plenty 'Ugh' moments. There are also plenty of suspensful parts, including following a group of survivors through a pitch black underground, filled with corpses. The atmosphere & mood follow, although not as insensly, 28 Days Later. London is still quiet, which always a wierd sight. Imagine joyfully cruising the streets of London on a scooter, and there is NO traffic around... anywhere.

The main downfall of this film is the repeated appearance of one particular infected, as to not give away any plot points, the infected will not be named. It seems that no matter how many zombies die, there is one that just happens to survive everything. This gets annoying as it seems more like a killer from a Jason or Freddy movie, as opposed to equal threats all around.

In the end, however, this flick is another suggested zombie movie. It was very well done, with great acting, ample gore & satisfactory suspense. The mood & feel of the whole flick makes you worry about what's going to happen, and you can really sink into the story. A (nearly) must see for all horror fans.