Bong of the Dead

Bong of the Dead


2.0000 Stars


A walking corpse has its face shredded by a supped-up weed whacker! Awesome!


When the world is overrun by zombies, two pot heads make the best of the situation, by finding a way to turn zombie brains into fertilizer for super potent hyper-growing pot! But when they run out of brains... they begin the hunt to harvest more!

It seems to us there are two ways to look at Bong of the Dead... two different conflicting ways. The first way is to look at it from the point of view from which it was made. A small-budget, independent film created mainly by a single person. Directed, written & edited by Thomas Newman. The second way is to compare it to all zombies movies on a whole, whether they be independent flicks or Hollywood blockbusters.

If we decide to look at it from the role considering the efforts on an independent film maker, this film has some great punches. The production values are above and beyond most other independent films, with some real attention paid to quality. It looks like a professional grade movie.

Some of the gore effects are pretty slick looking as well, and even the special effects (with some exceptions) are quite decent. With the exception of a fake rib cage used several times, the practical effects were convincing and stomach churning!

On the other hand, when compared to the zombie genre as a whole, there are some lacking elements that can't be ignored. While we all agreed the music was great, the sound effects were not. We counted a few times where the sounds didn't match the visuals at all. For example, the sound of a car engine turning over before the key was turned. (On a side note: does a seized engine even try to turn over?)

The audio for the actor's voices was obviously re-dubbed afterwards as well, painfully re-dubbed. A lot of the time the character's mouths would move out of sync with the voices, and there were even times when we swore the character's mouth was saying something completely different than the audio portrayed.

The exceptions to the special effects comment made above were also quite blatant. When our protagonist's car breaks down, smoke comes out of a hard edge to the left of the vehicle. Almost like there is an invisible wall concealing the smoke until it pops out around it, and then floats in front of the car.

The story was... original. This flick is definitely aimed towards a certain audience. Pot heads, stoners, fans of Cheech & Chong movies, fans of anything with fart jokes... you will definitely like this movie. Zombie fans may or may not enjoy it as much, and we felt the movie was more in the weed category than the zombie category, although there was no shortage of the undead. But realistically, when it's all said and done... if you watch a movie called Bong of the Dead, you probably know what you're in for, so you wouldn't expect an epic film of dealing with survival.

If we were to rate it based strictly on the achievements of an independent film maker, we'd give it a 3.5 / 5... but unfortunately we compare all zombie flicks on the same playing field.

Pretty much this flick tried to mix Half Baked with Dawn of the Dead... but came up short.