Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Dawn of the Dead (1978)


5.0000 Stars


A Zombie gets his head cut off at the forehead... by helicopter blade!



George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead is unequaled, unrivaled and pretty much the best Zombie movie of all time. As in all of Romero's film's, the story is never outdone by the action. In this film, we follow the tale of 4 survivors in the midst if a Zombie outbreak. The story begins with the infestation already in progress, a rarity, especially at the time it was made. We follow Peter and Roger, two soldiers fighting against the undead, as well as their companions, Francine and Stephen, who work at a local television station. The four of them make their way to a mall, and decide to reside there. Taking advantage of the fact that everything they would ever need to survive is inside the mall.

The great thing about Dawn of the Dead is that, it is not a typical Zombie movie. It's a movie with a great plot, great characters and Zombies thrown in to boot. This is how you can tell that a Zombie movie is really great, if you can say you'd watch the movie even without the Zombies. And that is what Dawn of the Dead makes you say.

The one thing Dawn of the Dead has for a downfall, is the fact that it has to live with it's reputation. Most classic horror lovers will rant and rave about this film, which makes the expectations high for people who haven't seen it. Remember, it was made in 1978... so a lot of the effects and dialogue are after their time.


"What is it?"

"It's one of those new big indoor shopping centers... a mall." (Or something to that effect)

This line is a laugh riot, especially to those who are watching the movie for the first time. The big mall explosion across North America occurred in the 1980's... so this was a new thing for people back in 78!

But don't let outdated effects and dialogue turn you away from this film, as I said before, it is one of the finest and most influential Zombie movies of all time. This film was nominated for Best Makeup, Tom Savini, by the Saturn Awards. As well, it has won the Saturn Award in 2005 for Best DVD Classic film Release, and was nominated for Best Overall DVD for the Anchor Bay Release by the Satellite Awards in 2005.