Day of the Dead (1985)

Day of the Dead (1985)


4.0500 Stars


A Zombie gets it's head severed by a shovel to the mouth... yum!



Day of the Dead(1985) is the third installment in George A. Romero's 'Dead' series. The previous two in the series were 'Night of the Living Dead(1968)' and 'Dawn of the Dead(1978)'. And was followed by 'Land of the Dead(2005)'. Day of the Dead is about a Zombie infested world, and a small group of scientists and military personel residing in an underground base, trying to find a cure or solution to the problem.

This film is very well done. The tension and uneasiness of the whole situation is portrayed extremely well. The atmosphere of being stuck in an underground concrete structure and miles of dark, damp mines is truly chilling. The acting is quite decent, if a little on the 'over-acting' side (but not by much).

The story begins with some of the team out looking for survivors, and it sets the base for the entire movie. The world is completely inhabited by the undead, and it seems any hope of finding other survivors is infinitesimal. The story plays out from there, with tension building between the science team and the military officers.

Although this film grossed less than the first two in the series, it is still a remarkable piece of work. Those even remotely interested in Zombies should not miss it, as it definitely classified as a must see. George A. Romero still shows us a world of fear, despair and, let's not forget, blood, guts and horror! Any fan of the horror genre would almost certainly enjoy this movie.