Day of the Dead (2008)

Day of the Dead (2008)


2.0000 Stars


We follow a zombie as it flies off a truck, gets road rashed across the road.


Yet another remake of George A. Romero's classic undead films is released. Romero's Day of the Dead was so well made, was such a good movie... and then this comes along a takes a nice big plopper on Romero's masterpiece. This flick has nothing to do with the Dawn of the Dead remake, nor George Romero himself. It seems this flick pretty much just scooped up a name that had some reckognizable value and put it on a brand new movie.

This film does not follow the story of Romero's Dawn of the Dead what-so-ever. The army decides to quarantine a small town when an unknown illness has started to spread. They decide it's best to 'cut off' all phone and cell-phone communication to the town, and try to solve this problem themselves. Unfortunately, things get out of hand when zombies start to take bites out of the living.

Dawn of the Dead just can't seem to get it's own zombies straight. Several times the flick establishes that the zombies can do something, like crawl on the ceilings... but when the main survivors are trying to escape, the undead seem to forget about their super powers and give the survivors a break. We also have to say, these are some of the funniest zombies we've seen. They do not run, they slowly shuffle and someone in editing hits fast forward to make them faster... We honestly could not keep a straight face through this one.

It looks like the creators of this flick thought it might be a good idea to try and arouse more interest by casting Ving Rhames in this movie, right after he was in Dawn of the Dead. It seemed to have worked; he is one of the so few things that make this flick interesting. However, it's very hard to belive in a cute but ditzy looking Mina Suvari as a take charge army gal. She just doesn't fit the part. Most other performances are lacking at best.

Day of the Dead does have one major fighter in it's corner, gore. Lots of gore. This flick makes no attempt to hide the blood and guts that it spews. At the very least, we can enjoy the zombies feasting on the yummy goodness that is the human race.

When this day ended, we were sadly disapointed with the result. It's almost insulting that this film bears the name 'Day of the Dead'. There is no relation between this 08' flick, and the classic Romero created back in 85'. We can understand remakes, but this is a sort of slap in the face to Romero fans.