Dead Set

Dead Set


4.0000 Stars


A zombie gets a pole impaled through the back of it's head, and out it's eye socket. Awesome.



Dead Set is a TV movie, or mini-series, that focuses on a wide spread zombie outbreak in England. Before viewing this flick we had an idea in our head, probably similar to yours, that a zombie movie made for TV probably wasn't going to be very good... boy were we wrong.

The story begins on the set of a reality TV show. It is a real life TV show, and is well known, but we won't mention the name of it. Why? Because people might think that to enjoy this movie you need to be a fan of reality TV, and you really don't. Besides the flick taking place on the unique setting of a reality TV show, you really don't need to know anything about that genre of TV since the story itself has little to do with it.

"A made for TV movie? It can't be that good!" you might say. You also might think, "There's got to be limits on language, violence and adult situations." We know some might think that because that's another thing we thought as well. Dead wrong on those assumptions for Dead Set. It seems that censors had little to do with this undead flick. There's all the gore, violence and action here that you could expect from a movie seen in theatres.

This flick has about everything you'd want from a zombie movie. A group of trapped people trying to survive the hordes of walking dead just outside the door, tons of graphic feasting of flesh, and a layered storyline all contribute to the ease of losing yourself in this tale. All in all we would recommend this to any horror fan, and strongly recommend a view to any fan of the walking dead.