Zombie Strippers

Zombie Strippers


1.5000 Stars


A zombie gets its skin ripped off until only it's skeleton is left standing...



We'd hoped for much more when we viewed Zombie Strippers. It's basically understood from the title of the movie that you're not going to get an A-Grade film, but this flick is a total let down. Don't be fooled by the novelty value that this flick may seem to have. A movie starring one of the most famous porn stars in history and co-starred by Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger) may hint that it might actually be alright, but it's not.

When a military research facility working on the zombie virus loses control of the situation, the virus doesn't spread outside... it spreads straight to an underground strip club. Once some of the strippers become infected, the owner of the strip club (Robert Englund) finds out that the shady patrons of the club actually prefer stripping zombie to the live ones. Out to make a quick buck, he lets the zombies keep dancing while trying to cover up their hunger for flesh.

Unfotunately, this flick had some great potential that didn't develop. The story is one giant plot hole, and the acting is very sub-par. At the very least Robert Englund is entertaining, but that's where the buck stops. Nearly every other actor is so unbelievably horrible, that it's extremely painful to watch.

With a name like 'Zombie Strippers', one would know that there would be nudity in the film... but this flick goes way too far. There is so much skin in the first half of this movie that it succeeds in making it boring. There's no shock value when the tenth stripper takes the stage, and we found ourselves thinking "Get on with it already". There's also the matters of: Not funny racial humour and lots of continuity errors, but we're not going to go there.

In the end, when the pole was vacant, we found this to be a very disappointing zombie movie. It might be watchable in a group of friends ready to mock a movie, but we still do not recommend it. The main reason we're so disappointed is that we were expecting a decent B-Movie style flick, and we ended up with a sub par D-Grade movie.