Land of the Dead

Land of the Dead


3.5000 Stars


A Zombie's head gets shot through with a harpoon gun... at close range.



The forth installment in the 'Dead' or 'Living Dead' series, Land of the Dead is about a society of hundreds of people living in a Zombie covered world. In the film, a corner of a city is completely blocked off by water and electric fences where the ills of current society still plague them today. Most notably, the separation of the rich and poor.

This is a (widely debated) good film, although many people argue it is the worst of the 'Dead' series. And even though this author has to agree, it's not because this movie is bad, it's that the other's were so good. Night, Dawn and Day have had such a cult following that when this film was released, the hopes couldn't have been higher. It had to live up to it's predecessors reputation.

The portrayal of the characters is great on all accounts, save some of the bit characters. John Leguizamo does a very decent job, his character is one of the 'bad guys' that you can't help but like. Dennis Hopper is great, simply fantastic. He plays the leader of the society, whether the people like it or not, and he is a classic example of the hated leader. On top of this, all the other main characters in this film are very well done by all of the actors involved.

Although this film doesn't quite meet the standards of the previous in the series, it is still a good watch. At the very least it is entertaining. Definitely recommended for Romero fans, and Zombie fans.