Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie


2.0000 Stars


Some Zombies get burned aliv... uh... burned undead...


On the front of the DVD for this film, it proudly displays a quote: "One of the best Zombie Movies ever made!". We have to disagree. This flick is 35 years old, but even back then it wouldn't have been great. The main problem being, it's boring. There's a definite lacking in the action department, and the acting is crude at best. It was a somewhat unique idea for a zombie flick, but it was simply executed poorly. Which is too bad, since it had a lot of potential.

What happens when the department of agriculture develop a new pest control device, one that uses super sonic radioactive waves to drive the simplistic minds of insects into an anger driven frenzy? One that makes them attack each other until no pests are left. They swear it doesn't affect the complex minds of humans. But what about the simplistic minds of infants? The simplistic minds... of the dead? This is the basis for 'Let Sleeping Corpses Lie', and it could have been a great flick.

Unfortunately the audience is tortured by having to withstand the painful portrayal of the characters on all sides. Not a single performance in this flick is even half worthy of being on screen. Most of the lines seem forced, and it's very hard to lose yourself in the story when you're rolling your eyes at the performance. We found it extremely hard to sit through some of the slower scenes... and had to keep ourselves from nodding off.

There is a redeeming quality. Gore. Ah, yes, no matter how bad a movie is, gore can always make it better. And although there aren't a whole lot of scenes with gore in 'Let Sleeping Corpses Lie', there's enough to keep you interested... particularly is the latter part of this flick.

It's too bad that there aren't as many scenes featuring zombies as there should be. You really get the run around with this flick. So much set up for a sub par action sequence. There's just too much staring... "Oh my goodness! There's a Zombie! Not going to do anything though... I'll just watch, wide-eyed!"

When the corpses were all done lying, we just couldn't recommend this flick to anyone but the zombie fanatic. It's an OK watch at best, some good gore and a unique plot help this flick along, but it's just not enough. It's just that some scenes, and the acting, are too painful to award this movie with a good score.