Night of the Living Dead (1990)

Night of the Living Dead (1990)


3.5000 Stars


Ben stabs a zombie directly in the head with a crowbar, ouch!


Most remakes of George A. Romero's classics fall short of the mark (Ex: Dawn of the Dead{2004}, Night of the Living Dead 3D{2006}) but this remake was actually very well done. This is most likely because of the involvement of the original Night of the Living Dead team. George A. Romero helped re-write the screenplay and John A. Russo produced this film, together they wrote the original screen play for the 1968 film. This film was directed by Tom Savini, who had worked with Romero on Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, and his direction was very well done as well. All of these factors make this film a very nice remake of the original.

All the characters in this film were cast to resemble the same characters in the original take, with one major exception. This film's Barbera is very much different than the hysterical helpless damsil we saw before, this time she's bad assed and in charge. Acting is performed very well on all parts, especially by Tony Todd, who plays Ben.

"Help, grandpa's fallen and he's getting up!"

There is only one downfall to this film, the fact that it is almost too close to the original story. That is, however, a matter of opinion. It is argued that remakes shouldn't be changed at all from the original or perhaps that they should be a different movie altogether. This movie has many of the same lines and plot as the original, but every scene is a little bit different and it is by no means the exact same movie at all. This film is definitely a must see, but try to watch it (in your mind) as it's own film and not a remake, if you can.