Trailer Park of Terror

Trailer Park of Terror


2.0000 Stars


A hillbilly "zombie" steps on a mine and gets blown in half... but lives to talk about it.



Trailer Park of Terror shouldn't be in the zombie genre. It's not really our definition of a zombie movie. The beings in this film are more like demons, or monsters. They can talk and act like regular people. So we're going to have to say that this isn't technically a zombie movie, and the main reason we say this is... in our eyes, zombies wouldn't be able to play guitars.

This flick is about as stereotypical as a horror flick can get. A group of teenagers, and their lone chaperone, get stranded in the middle of nowhere. None of their cell phones work, so they decide to wander away for help. In this case, they wander to an old trailer park. Soon their seemingly welcomed presence turns info a fight for their lives, as demons from beyond the grave start playing guitars and chasing them around.

Now, the acting in this flick is actually just a touch better than what you would expect from a movie with the title 'Trailer Park of Terror', which helps to make this watchable. Average portrayal of characters on all parts give this flick an easy flow, which temps you to submerge yourself in the story.

There is a nice piece of candy in this flick though... gore. And lots of it. What sours the sweetness is the cheesy half baked realism. There are so many points where you can easily tell that what you're looking at is, in reality, a prop. Most of the gore is almost there, at the point where you want to be fooled by what you're seeing, but you just can't.

In leaving the trailer park, we didn't think this was a horrible movie... just not a good one. It's best viewed with a group of rowdy friends late at nice, with a few beers (or sodas!) and some popcorn. It's definitely watchable but we can't let ourselves put this in our 'suggested' pile. Our minds don't see this as a zombie movie, and we can't help but sigh as we give it a place in the list. Just remember... watch for those asterisks!