Beyond Re-Animator

Beyond Re-Animator


2.0000 Stars


A Re-Animated gets fried Texas 'hot-seat' style at the hands of Dr. West.


The third, and final, installment of the Re-Animator series: Beyond Re-Animator is by far the worst in the series. It's unfortunate, since the first two were well made and enjoyable. This one, however, misses the bar completely. Not to say that it's horrible, it's just very dissapointing.

The fact that Beyond Re-Animator is missing Bruce Abbot as Dr. Cain helps to make this movie lack luster. But it doesn't stop there. Like it's predicessor, it doesn't capture the mood and feel of the original Re-Animator film, and it does a somewhat worse job than Bride of Re-Animator. The dubbing of the voices, when there is dubbing, is off, and the supporting acting is almost to hard to bare.

Thank goodness for the return of Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Herbert West. Without him, this movie wouldn't even be worth watching. Once again, he shows us his talent as the derranged yet brilliant Dr. West. This time he's in prison, finally paying for all his madness... but even within the concrete walls his research cannot stop. A young new prison doctor knows of the work that West has done, and requests the opportunity to work with him.

The effects in this film are better than the previous two. Beyond Re-Animator delivers gore just like the previous two... but pushes it too far. This auther can watch a lot of gore, and enjoys bloody zombie movies, but this film takes it too far in one instance. No want wants to see a rat roll a bitten off... member... around the whole prison. There was no point to such stupidity, and the fact that this movie contained it literally made my jaw drop.

Overall, this film is recieving a sub-par score. It's dismal acting and complete loss of mood to the other films in this series is a dis-service to the Re-Animator name. Jeffrey Combs and (most) of the updated effects bring this movie barely above the watchable line. There are apparant talks in the works for a 4th Re-Animator film... if this is true, let's hope that it can return to it's roots.