Resident Evil Apocalypse

Resident Evil Apocalypse


3.0000 Stars


Alice (Milla) back flips off a moving motorcycle, then shoots it, blowing up the mutated monster with it. HOT Again!


REC Review

When the original movie was released, it was positively received by both fans of the genre, and fans of the game, as well as horror movie fans. It was the best zombie movie to arrive in awhile, so the expectations for this sequel were high. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite deliver what most of us were hoping for.

The last film finished with a brilliant open ended plot, which left the audience craving more. "What will happen next?", I'm sure that's what most people thought. Resident Evil: Apocalypse does take off right where that last film ended, time-line wise, but fails to deliver the punch that the original did.

There are many redeeming qualites though, and this flick 'ain't all bad'. It's got some truly thrilling action, and Milla reprises her role as Alice (definitely a GOOD THING), and of course, Zombies. Our characters are trapped in a city filled with zombies, and I mean trapped. The Umbrella Corporation has barricaded the entire city, with the zombies and survivors both stuck inside. This makes for some awesome terror.

Too bad for us, though, the action is a little too unbelievable. Alice goes over the top in many scenes, which you cannot help but roll your eyes at. There's action, there's movie action, and then there's Resident Evil: Apocalypse action... the latter is almost too much to bare.

Speaking of unbelievability, the acting leaves something to be desired. Milla does a good job, as per usual, but it almost stops there. The lines seem very forced, particularly from Sienna Guillory, who plays S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine, but it doesn't stop there. The film is riddled with lines delivered with sub-par execution.

Overall the movie is... good. That's the best word to describe it, good. Not fantastic or dull, a must see or definately avoid. Fans of the game will like this one, so will zombie fans, but it's not for everyone.