Resident Evil Extinction

Resident Evil Extinction


3.5000 Stars


A whole scene where Alice (Milla) destroys a group of zombies with a machete in each hand... Triple HOT!


After a successful first film to the series, a somewhat of a downer sequel, Resident Evil: Extinction was the 'High Hopes' that many had for the end of this series. And it delivered, probably not all that everyone wanted, but it turned out rather sleek.

Unlike the second film in the series, which starts where the original ended, Resident Evil: Extinction takes place some time after it's predecessor. The Zombie epidemic has spread across the globe, and a roaming group of survivors are trying to stay alive while on the move.

Like the films before this one there is lots of intense action, and some comedy as well. The hands down best scene in the movie is where a group of survivors must battle a group of Super-Zombies. This flick has some great scenery and cinematics as well, the view of Las Vegas almost completely covered in sand dunes is breathtaking.

Resident Evil: Extinction has some aspects that take away from it, however. If you're looking for a straight-up Zombie survival flick, this isn't the one. This film has more than just Zombies, it's got mutated birds, dogs and super-mutant monsters. If you're a fan of the good ol' plain undead walking around, you wont get it with this one. But the one thing that gets me the most with this film, is that Jill Valentine, who was with the group in the end if that last movie, is inexplicably missing. No attempt at an explanation is given. (Though apparently the novelization offers an explanation)

All in all, this film is going to please fans of the game, series or genre, more-so than anyone else. This movie might not make any sense to someone who has not seen the previous two, and they would like it even less. The good news is that it is better than the flick before it, if only by a moderate margin.