Resident Evil Degeneration

Resident Evil Degeneration


3.5000 Stars


Claire catches a pistol mid-air, and proceeds to shoot a group of zombies with flair.


Another great film from the Resident Evil brand. Don't be mistaken, though, this film is a sequel to the story told in the GAMES, not the previous films (Resident Evil, RE: Apocalypse & RE: Extinction). It tells the story of what happens to Claire Redfield & Leon S. Kennedy after their previous adventures in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, and Resident Evil 4.
This is a well done CGI flick, with a few flaws, but it delivers a fun story and some flashy action. When the T-Virus is released, an outbreak occurs within a major international airport, with Claire and a few survivors caught inside. Now it's up to Claire & Leon, with a little help, to find out what happened and how to stop it. The Umbrella Corp. is gone, bankrupt due to accusations after the Raccoon City incident, and a new pharmaceutical company is on the horizon, WilPharma.

The main problem with this movie is that fact that the voices don't always match up perfectly with the lips of the computer animated characters. For the most part it's ok, but it takes away from it when you notic that it isnt lip synced. Also, and this will bug fans of the game, Claire doesn't really do much zombie killing in this one. She survived the incident at Raccoon City, and destroyed numerous zombies in the process, but when she gets a gun in Resident Evil: Degeneration, she shoots a couple undead, and gives it back. What? I'm sorry, but Claire Redfield is supposed to be a Zombie killing machine, not an innocent bystander that Leon needs to protect. But like I said, if you haven't played the games, this won't bother you.

The CGI art is beautiful, and extremely well done. The animators did a great job, and it sets the mood perfectly for the film. What makes this flick awesome for fans of the game is, the voices of Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy are done by the same people who did their voices in the games. It helps keep the characters in scope, and familiar to the Resident Evil game franchise fans. They do a good job as well.

This flick gets the score it does because it's averaged on 2 scores: the higher score that fans of the game would give, and the lower score that people who never played the game might give. If you're a fan of the RE game series, this is a MUST WATCH. If you've never played the games, this movie is still good, and reccomended, but you may not appreciate it as much as some.